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    The little island of Sri Lanka seems to be an unlikely place to be home to the world's most expensive dessert. Sri Lankans who are used to leading simple and modest lifestyles, do not place much importance on such matters which they consider trivial. However, unlikely as it seems, this tiny country has done exactly that - given birth to what is thought to be the world's most expensive dessert.

    Priced at a whopping $14,500, this first-class delicacy is perfect for those who crave the thrill and satisfaction that an ordinary dessert simply cannot deliver. Named 'The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence,' this dessert is not just any sweet course dish eaten at the end of a meal, but is looked upon as a challenge for those adventurous at heart.

    A delicate, mouth-watering treat, the dessert is a gold leaf Italian cassata, flavoured with Irish cream infused with tender fruit. It is served with a mango and pomegranate compote, and a bubbly-based Dom Perignon champagne sabayon, forming the base of this delicious dessert. It is decorated with a signature Fortress handmade chocolate carving in the shape of a local stilt fisherman clinging onto his stilt – an ancient local fishing custom which is still in practice today. However, the highlight of the dessert would be the magnificent 80 carat Aquamarine stone that adorns the dish. With a diameter that spans the head of a soup spoon, the stone rests majestically next to the chocolate carving, completing this artistic masterpiece.

    Apart from the obvious attractions, the legendary charms of the Aquamarine stone also adds an element of mystery to the dessert. Known as the stone of courage, Aquamarines are said to possess certain healing properties that soothe away fear and invoke tolerance. They are believed to emit calming energies which reduce stress and ease the mind. Many people also believe that aquamarines have a positive effect on relationships by bestowing the owner with foresight and happiness, making it the perfect recipe for a long and happy marriage. It has been used over the years by fishermen and sailors for protection and luck.

    The dessert has to be specially ordered at the hotel's wine restaurant Wine³, a sensational glass wine cave which houses more than 2,000 of the world's finest vintages, and comes served on handmade studio flared glass cutlery – exclusively designed for The Fortress by Glass Studio and is the first glass cutlery of its kind in the world. The dessert's fame has caught the interest of many people around the globe and inquiries have have been made about the item from as far away as Japan.

    Created to give visitors to The Fortress a one-of-a-kind experience, the dessert has earned itself and The Fortress a marked reputation around the world. By deciding to try this exquisite delicacy, not only do visitors get to savour the luscious flavours of the dessert, but etch their names into the history books.