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    Environmental Policy

    The Fortress Resort & Spa, aware of the need to carry out its activities with appropriate respect for the environment, is committed to complying with the following environmental principles.

    To make good use of natural resources, to reduce the impact on the environment, by minimizing the consumption of resources and promoting energy-saving and efficiency in its facilities.

    To continuously improve and prevent pollution, by implementing the necessary measures to reduce environmental effects and prevent potential accidents with an environmental impact.

    To continuously update the environmental programs with maximum participation with local community.

    To continuously adapt to the applicable environmental legislation and Regulations in addition to other requirements we are committed.

    To promote environmental education and awareness amongst our employees, as well as our customers and collaborators in relation to environmental protection, by providing information about all the actions carried out within our company.

    1st August 2016

    Jan Van Twest
    Director / General Manager